Pro-Active Resources is certified by the Indiana Division of Addiction Services as well as most Central Indiana Courts as an Approved Provider of alcohol and drug outpatient treatment programs. Pro-Active Resources offers a variety of services, which include education and treatment programs specializing in the following areas:

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs
  • Alcohol and Drug Psycho-Education Classes for adults and adolescents
  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluation
  • Anger Management Programs
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Individual, Marital & Family Therapy (for addiction and non-addictions issues)

Education Services

Family Interactive Education Program

Too often, the forgotten sufferers of Chemical Addiction are the family and others close to the addicted individuals. The family’s pain is just as valid as the addicted individual’s pain.

Family members usually want to help but simply do not know what to do.

Pro-Active Resources offers a four session interactive education program to help family members and other individuals that are close to the addicted person. This program is aimed at giving the family factual information about the disease of addiction, support for themselves and to learn what they can do (and what not to do) to help their addicted loved one.

Some families need additional help working closely with a trained licensed therapist after getting some basic factual information.

This program is offered each month – space is limited. Please call for more details at (317) 844-5742.

Prime for Life (

Pro-Active Resources provides Prime for Life (PRI) substance abuse Level 1, 2 and 3 education programs. PRI seeks to educate and reduce the risk of continued drug or alcohol use through a cognitive-behavioral, research-based approach that informs participants about their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Prime for Life (PRI) does not preach to its students nor does it use scare tactics. The information is presented in a non-judgmental way using DVDs, workbooks and interactive programming that is based on documented research findings, instead of opinion, exaggerations, conjecture and misinformation. PRI reduces resistance to the life-saving information it contains and it improves a participant’s willingness to accept change in their life.

PRI content is designed to help people do a thorough personal evaluation of their risk factors and shows participants how to reduce their risk for future drug or alcohol problems.

PRI is a powerful and effective program that Pro-Active Resources has used since 2001 and has seen improved outcomes for those who experience it. The 20-hour PRI program is accepted in most states for court-ordered DUI offenses where a Level 3 education program is recommended.

Under 21 Prime for Life

Pro-Active Resources uses the 12-hour Prime for Life (PRI) substance abuse education program that’s specially designed for 17-20 year olds who may have experienced legal problems as a result of their drug or alcohol use. PRI is accepted as an approved program in most high schools, colleges and state court systems.

CARE Adolescent Education Program

Pro-Active Resources’ Adolescent Level 1 alcohol and drug education CARE Program is designed for teens who may be at risk of developing serious problems with alcohol and/or drugs and for parents who want to educate themselves about the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use, abuse and dependence.

The program is designed for the first-time offender and/or the adolescent who has experienced early problem behavior, such as problems at school or problems with other family members due to substance use.

The CARE group accommodates 14-18 year olds and addresses various areas of substance use, including alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and over-the-counter and prescription medicines. It covers substance abuse and addiction as a disease, dealing with peer pressure, maintaining healthy boundaries, learning to have fun without using, problem solving, family dynamics and communication skills.

Parents attend the last session to learn more about alcohol and drugs and how they may help their children avoid future problems associated with drug or alcohol use.

Parents may directly refer their children to Pro-Active Resources if they are concerned about their child’s alcohol or drug use. We suggest a follow-up appointment after the program concludes to determine if the child or his or her parents need additional services.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

Pro-Active Resources is certified by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions as an Outpatient Service Provider for Alcohol and Drug Services. We are also certified by several Central Indiana court systems as approved providers of alcohol and drug outpatient treatment programs.

At Pro-Active Resources, we believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to the clinical needs of our clients. Therefore, we offer a variety of services that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client we treat.


Every potential counseling or treatment client begins with a thorough evaluation to determine what services we offer that are most likely to help them resolve the problems they are experiencing.

Using the evaluation as a guide, the therapist and client will develop an Individualized Treatment Plan. If the client agrees to the plan, the therapist will then provide the client with an Orientation regarding the services detailed in their Individualized Treatment Plan.

At this point, the client will be assisted by our office management team to assess financial considerations.

Pro-Active Resources offers the following Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Services to our clients:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Marital (couples)/Family Counseling
  • Extended Outpatient Treatment Program (EOP)—a 72-hour outpatient program conducted over a six-month period
  • Continuing Care Services (Relapse Prevention)
  • Education programs that can be combined with treatment or counseling, if necessary
  • Referral to another level of care

Each of the outpatient services we provide may be enhanced by the client also participating in one of our education programs (see Education Services). A client may participate in the EOP program and also receive individual counseling and/or marital or family counseling or other services.

Extended Outpatient Program (EOP)

The EOP program is designed to assist a person experiencing drug or alcohol problems:

  • Accurately diagnose themselves about their use of alcohol or drugs
  • Decide if a life of sobriety is desired, and if so:
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to remain sober

What’s different about EOP?

Most outpatient treatment programs are called “Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs” (IOP). The IOP concept originated about 30 years ago when the health insurance industry decided that it was no longer willing to pay for inpatient treatment. Most IOP programs meet three times per week in the evening for three hour sessions for eight weeks, or 72 hours. The treatment is conducted in a group counseling setting.

Pro-Active Resources used IOP for the first few months after it was established in 1985. While there are positive features about IOP, Pro-Active Resources noticed that most adults who worked all day experienced difficulties remaining focused for three hours in a group counseling session at night. We also believe that it’s very difficult to make significant progress in only an eight-week span.

Pro-Active Resources developed its EOP program and has been utilizing it for more than 30 years. It is based on research, observation and common sense. The main difference between IOP and Pro-Active Resources’ EOP is that the program meets twice a week for 1.5-hour sessions for a total of 72 hours over a 24-week period.

The reason we take this approach is simple—it takes time for people to make major changes in their lives. We also reduce the time commitment stress for a client with two 1.5 hour sessions per week instead of the three 3-hour sessions of IOP.

Pro-Active Resources offers daytime, early evening and late evening groups in both Carmel and Noblesville. For more information, call Pro-Active Resources at 317-844-5742.

Individual Counseling

Because most people benefit from the universality, or common experience, of group counseling, individual counseling is not generally considered an effective form of drug or alcohol treatment counseling.

Individual counseling is most effective in helping a person deal with issues that they would not be comfortable discussing in a group setting, such as relationship problems, family of origin issues or sexual issues. It is not uncommon for a client to benefit from both types of counseling either simultaneously or with individual counseling following the completion of EOP.

Marital (Couples) and Family Therapy

Pro-Active Resources understands that when a person makes a significant positive change in their life, that change affects everyone in the family in a positive way as well. However, even though a change is positive, it affects family equilibrium because everyone in the family is experiencing change.

If it’s needed, Pro-Active Resources offers Marital and Family therapy on-site and through referral to other highly-regarded Marital and Family Therapists in the community.

Continuing Care Services

Many people find it helpful to be able to have an on-going connection with Pro-Active Resources after completing the EOP to focus on remaining sober while dealing with the stresses of daily living. Research indicates people that have an on-going professional relationship with a treatment program have a much better likelihood of life-long sobriety. We offer this service at both our Carmel and Noblesville offices.

Referral Services

Sometimes a potential client may need services that Pro-Active Resources does not provide. We are part of a large network of service providers that serve Central Indiana and can refer people to other programs, such as detoxification, inpatient treatment or halfway house. Pro-Active Resources’ clinical staff is experienced in diagnosing the level of care a person needs and if necessary will make the appropriate referral to other qualified agencies.

Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence is a very serious problem in modern society. Nearly every week, the news is filled with a story about a tragic event in which one or more people have been seriously injured or killed as a result of domestic violence. These tragedies are made all the sadder because there is a solution in many situations if action would have been taken early enough.

Pro-Active Resources assists many individuals who have the courage to face their issues in a serious way that have led to domestic violence in their past. Pro-Active Resources has a long history of helping people overcome their issues so that they may experience the close intimate relationships they desire.

Using an education/behavior change program that is based on research and has drawn heavily on feedback from battered women’s advocates, Pro-Active Resources’ Domestic Violence Program participants learn that abusive behaviors are not a problem of impulse control but are “choices that always serve to control others.” It is about taking control, not losing control. They also learn that while violence is an extreme form of controlling behavior, intimidation and abuse—both psychological and verbal—are also controlling and oppressive.

In this program, individuals learn to:

  • Identify consequences for their violent and controlling behaviors and how they justified those behaviors
  • Identify the physical and emotional effects of those behaviors on their loved ones
  • Identify their negative self-talk and change it to positive self-talk
  • Understand, identify and appropriately express their feelings

All of the components of the Domestic Violence Program work together to teach the individual how to keep their anger from escalating and make choices that are non-abusive.

The primary goals of the program are:

  • For the participant to make demonstrated progress in taking responsibility for their controlling and abusive behaviors
  • Demonstrate insight into their own issues and make progress toward resolving those issues
  • Demonstrate knowledge and the ability to utilize effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and
  • Develop a consistent, positive change in attitude and behavior.

Men and women have gender specific issues when dealing with domestic violence issues and Pro-Active Resources maintains separate Domestic Violence classes for men and women. Many facilities mix men and women in Domestic Violence and Anger Management Programs, however at Pro-Active Resources we believe the research that proves these are two very distinct programs.

Anger Management Program

Problems and conflicts are part of normal, everyday life. Most people are able to overcome these issues in a healthy way, however others respond to them in ways that not only do not solve the problem but makes it worse, or creates more problems.

The primary purpose of Pro-Active Resources’ Anger Management Program is to help clients identify and explore self-defeating behaviors regarding their expression of anger and learn new, more effective coping skills.

The program uses cognitive behavioral modification. Clients discover that their expressions of anger are learned behaviors—if they are willing to challenge and change their way of thinking, then they can learn effective and appropriate expressions of their anger. Clients identify anger triggers, or situations in which they are particularly susceptible to rapid and perhaps intense anger, and their anger cues or warning signs that their anger is building.

Pro-Active Resources’ Anger Management Program participants develop anger management strategies to respond to events and cues, called an Anger Control Plan. Other components require participants to identify irrational thinking and negative self-talk to change it to rational thinking and positive self-talk. Clients also receive assertiveness training and learn effective conflict resolution skills.