Established in 1985, Pro-Active Resources has assisted more than 15,000 individuals and their families. Primarily serving as an outpatient alcohol and drug treatment facility, Pro-Active Resources helps people improve the quality of their lives by transforming their emotional pain into personal progress.

Pro-Active Resources now has two convenient Hamilton County locations:

  • 90 Executive Drive, Suite A, Carmel, Indiana, 317-844-5742
  • 44 North 9th Street, Noblesville, Indiana, 317-844-5742


Vast levels of experience in counseling services

When we hire a Clinical Staff Therapist we begin by asking ourselves one very important question: “Would we feel comfortable recommending this therapist to a close friend or family member?” If the answer is no, we do not hire them.

Every Pro-Active Resources Addictions Therapist is certified by the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (ICAADA) and is licensed by the state of Indiana. Pro-Active Resources clinical staff members possess an average of more than 25 years of experience in providing therapeutic services.

Flexible payment plans and insurance options

One of the first questions on many potential patients’ minds is “Do you accept my insurance carrier?”  The answer is Yes and No and depends on an individual’s insurance coverage and ability to pay.  Pro-Active Resources offers a Sliding Fee Scale based on the client’s financial situation. Your treatment plan is based on your treatment needs, not on your income level.

Pro-Active Resources requires no deposit before services begin.

In many cases, insurance policies have a very high deductible that must be met before they will start paying for services. We have found that people choosing to use their insurance have a better chance of reimbursement by paying Pro-Active Resources directly and then submitting a claim to insurance, with our assistance and documentation.

All of Pro-Active Resources’ therapists are certified by ICAADA and licensed with the state of Indiana, which increases the likelihood of reimbursement.

Some insured clients have chosen not to use their insurance due to confidentiality concerns.

Our Office Management staff can explain in detail all of the options so you can make an informed final decision.