Pro-Active Resources’ staff members possess an average of 25 years of treatment experience. Pro-Active Resources offers evidence-based education and treatment care—for both addicted people and their loved ones—that’s just around the corner.

Like the rest of the United States, Indiana is experiencing the worst addiction epidemic ever recorded. Every day alcoholics and addicts are dying at an unprecedented rate. For example, an American dies every 20 minutes from a heroin overdose.

There’s been a steep rise in the number of serious crimes related to addiction as alcoholics and addicts turn to burglary, embezzlement, robbery, and other crimes to support their addictions. Alcoholics and addicts commit other crimes as well because their thinking and behavior has been dramatically altered by their chemical dependence.

Families are being destroyed by addiction. Jobs are being lost and careers ruined. Young people are dropping out of school at alarming rates. The list of problems caused by addiction is seemingly endless.

Chemical Addiction (Addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs) is a physical, emotional and spiritual disease in which the sufferer has lost control over their use of drugs, alcohol or both. Addicted people suffer physical and emotional cravings. Their thoughts become impaired and they suffer from diminishing recognition of significant problems with their behaviors and personal relationships.

Addiction is an incurable, progressive disease and can result in disability or premature death. Without treatment and on-going recovery the addicted person and those close to them will suffer in many ways.

If an individual’s use of alcohol and/or other drugs is causing serious life problems and they have been unsuccessful in controlling their use (even sometimes), the person may be addicted. Addiction has less to do with how often or how much a person drinks or uses but rather what happens when they drink or use.

How addiction affects family members of addicted people

Chemical Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone who is close to the addict. Not only does the addict need help, but family members and other close loved ones need help too, even though they might not realize it at the time. Education, counseling and recovery support groups help the family members of a struggling addict find healthy ways to overcome the negative effects of the disease of addiction. These tools help them realize that they are not alone and that they are not responsible for their loved one’s addiction. Pro-Active Resources offers an interactive education program for family and others close to the addicted person.

There is no cure for drug or alcohol addiction but the disease can be arrested once the addict decides to abstain from alcohol and drugs. As with any other serious and chronic illness, recovery takes time. But there is hope. There are millions of people worldwide who live lives in long-term recovery from addiction. There are millions more family members of addicted people who have also found recovery.